How Dental Fillings Can Help Your Smile

By Valerin Dental Group
September 10, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out how dental fillings restore a tooth after a cavity.

Cavity StagesFinding out you have a cavity is never fun; however, it’s usually pretty simple to treat if you are coming in regularly for checkups. Our Peoria, IL, dentist Dr. Manny Valerin is here to explain what causes cavities, how a cavity is removed and why dental fillings are often the very best restorative tool we have to improve the health, function and appearance of a tooth after decay.

We found a cavity. Now what?

The first thing that needs to happen is our Peoria, IL, general dentist will need to remove the decay, otherwise it will continue to spread further. This is why it’s important to treat a cavity as soon as possible. Since most people don’t even experience symptoms of a cavity this is why it’s imperative that everyone, from children to older adults, come in every six months for routine cleanings and checkups.

What does a dental filling do?

Now that we’ve removed the decay we can’t just leave visible holes in your teeth. Not only is this unsightly but it will leave the tooth in a weakened, vulnerable state. We don’t want that. To rebuild the tooth after your treatment we will use a dental filling.

A dental filling is applied immediately after the cavity has been removed and while it can be made from different kinds of materials, a filling is most often made from a tooth-colored resin. The resin itself can easily be sculpted and contoured to the tooth, acting a lot like putty. We will even match the color of the resin to the tooth before we apply it.

If we are using dental resin to fill the tooth we will apply the resin in layers, making sure to mold and shape it to the tooth and then lastly bonding the resin to the tooth using a special light. With a final polish, your new tooth is fully restored and healthy again.

Valerin Dental Group in Peoria, IL, wants to make sure that every member of your family is getting the proper dental care they need to stay healthy. If it’s time to schedule a routine cleaning for you or a loved one, give our office a call.