Lost Teeth Affect Your Whole Smile

By Valerin Dental Group
May 31, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Sometimes it's tempting to just live with a missing tooth, particularly if you're concerned about costs. Unfortunately, the loss of just one or dental implantstwo teeth can affect your entire smile. Peoria, IL, dentist Dr. Manny Valerin of Valerin Dental Group discusses the problems tooth loss can cause and explains how dental implants can help?

Your changing mouth

A missing tooth has a very noticeable impact on your smile, but that's not the only change that occurs after you lose a tooth due to decay, injury or another cause. Once a tooth is gone, the other teeth may begin to drift, which can affect the appearance of your once-perfect smile.

Appearance isn't the only issue when teeth drift. If they begin to overlap, brushing and flossing may become much more difficult. If you can't remove plaque easily from those teeth, you just may find out that you have a cavity when you visit our Peoria office for a dental exam.

Changes also occur where they can't be seen. Your jawbone relies on pressure from teeth to stay strong. When your tooth roots no longer press on and stimulate the bone, it soon starts to shrink. As it grows weaker and smaller, it may be unable to support your remaining teeth adequately, which can cause them to fall out. A receding jawbone is also a factor in facial sagging, a problem that can make you look older.

How a dental implant can help

Dental implants replace missing teeth beginning with the root. The implant, a root replacement, fits into an opening in the jawbone created during minor oral surgery. Eventually, the implant fuses to the jawbone, a process that usually takes several months. In some cases, a temporary tooth is attached to the implant when it's placed in your mouth In others, you may need to wait until the implant completely bonds to the bond to receive a crown.

Implants enhance your appearance, improve your ability to chew, keep your jawbone strong, help you avoid facial sagging and prevent your teeth from shifting.

Dental implants offer a long-lasting way to restore your smile. Call Peoria, IL, dentist Dr. Manny Valerin of Valerin Dental Group at (309) 693-2310 to find out if you're a good implant candidate.