Oral and IV Conscious Sedation Make Every Appointment a Breeze

Conscious SedationA visit to the dentist may invoke a lot of feelings of fear and anxiety. Some people are afraid of the needles and others may be bothered by the sound of the dental drill. But your Peoria dentist Dr. Manny Valerin has an option that can help make your dental visit comfortable and stress-free. If you worry about a trip to the dental chair, ask your dentist about oral and IV conscious sedation for your next visit.

What is Conscious Sedation Dentistry?

Most patients know that the dentist can provide adequate anesthesia to keep them pain-free during a procedure. But still, many people have a hard time overcoming the anxiety that they associate with dental visits. Sedation dentistry allows your Peoria dentist Dr. Valerin to ease you into a gentle state of relaxation while still remaining awake.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Oral Sedation – With this method of sedation, your dentist offers an oral medication, usually in pill form, that you take approximately an hour before your scheduled procedure. This medication will relax you and may cause drowsiness, but you will remain awake enough to respond to your dentist. With oral sedation, the medication may take a while to wear off, so you will need someone to drive you home from the dental appointment.

IV Sedation – This method of conscious sedation produces a similar effect to oral sedation. However, there are a few major differences. With IV sedation, the medication is delivered intravenously which produces a sedative effect much quicker than an oral medication. Your Peoria dentist Dr. Valerin will also have more control over your sedation because they can easily control the amount of the drug you are receiving.

Conscious sedation dentistry is considered very safe. But there are certain small risks so it should only be administered by a dentist trained in the technique. Valerin Dental Group, your Peoria family dentist office, offers sedation dentistry to help you have the most comfortable dental visit possible. If it’s time for your next cleaning or dental procedure, there’s no need to fear. Call your dentist today to ask about oral and IV conscious sedation.