TekFit Keeps Your Smile Safe While You Play

By Valerin Dental Group
July 08, 2016
Category: Dental Products
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TekFit MouthguardYou probably wouldn't think of going out on the field without pads or other safety gear, but do you always wear your mouthguard? Too many athletes give up on mouthguards after buying uncomfortable models from sporting goods stores. Dr. Manny Valerin, your Peoria, IL dentist at Valerin Dental Group, explains how custom-made TekFit mouthguards will change your mind about these important protective appliances.

Why should I wear a mouthguard?

It only takes a second for a stray ball or blow to the face to damage your teeth, mouth or lips during a game or practice. Many injuries can be prevented or minimized when you wear a mouthguard. Mouthguards also help absorb some of the shock of a blow and reduce your risk of concussion.

What's wrong with store-bought mouthguards?

The least expensive type of mouthguards are one-size-fits-all versions that rarely fit anyone well. The more expensive boil-and-bite models do offer a better fit but are often bulky. If your mouthguard is uncomfortable, chances are that it will be thrown to the sidelines the first chance you get.

Using a mouthguard is particularly important if you wear braces. Without a guard, damage to your wires and brackets can occur if you experience a blow to the mouth. You're also more likely to cut your lips and mouth if a ball or puck hits you in the face.

TekFit mouthguards are made just for you in Peoria

TekFit mouthguards are designed for you and you only. Dr. Valerin takes an impression of your teeth, which is used to create your custom-made mouthguard. Since the mouthguard is created using a mold of your teeth, it fits perfectly and is much more comfortable than the guards you can buy at the store.

TekFit offers a range of mouthguards designed for low-, medium- and high-contact sports. Want to show your team spirit? Personalize your TekFit mouthguard with your number, name, team name or logo

Mouthguards offer an excellent way to prevent your teeth from damage. Why not call Dr. Valerin, your Peoria, IL dentist at Valerin Dental Group, at (309) 693-2310 to schedule an appointment for a mouthguard impression? Protect your teeth with TekFit!