Velscope VX Ensures Cancer Has Nowhere To Hide

By Valerin Dental Group
May 19, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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VELscope VXPrevent cancer by saying yes to a simple, non-invasive oral cancer screening.
It’s hard to imagine, but over 43,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year. Therefore, protect your oral health by opting for VELscope VX screenings from your Peoria dentist.
What is VELscope VX?
VELscope VX is the newest technology designed by the VELscope system. VELscope VX is an oral cancer screening device that uses a fluorescent light to detect structural changes in the soft tissues of the mouth. This technology emits a blue light and as it passes over the gums it excites the molecules within the soft tissue, which give off their own green light to help pick up any issues.
What will VELscope VX detect?
This screening system is used to detect any changes in the soft tissue of the mouth. However, keep in mind that even if this system does detect an abnormality, it doesn’t always mean cancer. VELscope also picks up these other oral issues:
  • Infections
  • Tumors
  • Squamous papillomas (sometimes benign)
  • Pre-cancerous cells
Is VELscope VX safe?
VELscope screening systems are fully safe as the only thing being emitted is a blue light; however, those with photosensitivity or those taking photosensitive medications should avoid VELscope screenings.
How long does a VELscope screening take?
Since no dyes are required and the procedure is completely non-invasive the whole screening should only take about two minutes to complete.
If I don’t smoke why do I need a VELscope screening?
Even though smoking is definitely one of the main risk factors for developing oral cancer, it’s not the only cause. The human papillomavirus virus (HPV) has also been linked to oral cancer, as well as sun exposure, alcohol consumption and even heredity. Therefore, it’s better to play it safe and opt for a screening.
When should I get a VELscope screening?
Luckily, you don’t have to schedule a separate appointment to get a VELscope cancer screening. In our office, we use VELscope on every patient we see as part of comprehensive and periodic exams, and there is no additional cost for screening with this wonderful tool! 
We also use VELscope in our community outreach programs during the cancer awareness month free clinic, and the Women's Lifestyle Show in Peoria, IL.
Whether you are at risk of developing oral cancer or you are concerned about new changes or symptoms that are occurring, don’t hesitate to contact your Peoria dentist at Valerin Dental Group. Protect both your oral and overall health with VELscope!