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By Valerin Dental Group
September 11, 2015
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TekFit MouthguardsEvery tooth is an important tooth, and the many consequences of tooth loss or injury impact an individual for a lifetime. Many dental problems stem from the numerous craniofacial injuries that take people to emergency rooms across the United States--more than 600,000 such trips annually, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Peoria dentist Manny Valerin DDS PC and his expert team at Valerin Dental Group recommend the use of sports mouth guards to protect teeth, gums and soft tissues of the mouth from traumatic injury. Whether it's impact to the face during a football or basketball game or repetitive clenching actions during tennis or running, they often recommend TekFit mouthguards to spare the mouth from serious injury.

TekFit Mouthguards

A TekFit mouthguard is superior to stock mouthguards purchased at a sporting goods outlet or to "boil and bite" devices purchased online or at the drugstore. A skilled dentist such as Dr. Valerin takes impressions for a TekFit appliance, assuring its proper bite and fit over the teeth, protecting the entire mouth. This protection is especially critical for young athletes with braces or adult athletes with bridgework or other restorations.

When Dr. Valerin evaluates an individual for a mouthguard he considers what kinds of injuries are likely to occur with each patient. A direct blow to the front of the face, interior lacerations, impacts from the side or below the chin all have a deleterious effect.

What injuries may occur effect the kind of mouthpiece worn. Experts agree that a custom-made mouthguard, well-fitted over all the teeth, including back molars, serves the athlete best. The American Dental Association gives a word to the wise: athletes without mouth protection are 60 times more likely to suffer oral injuries such as tooth loss, jaw fracture and lacerations than those individuals wearing quality mouthguards.

In addition, Dr. Valerin crafts mouthguards for patients who suffer from teeth clenching or grinding, also called bruxism. These TekFit guards are worn at night and reduce pain, TMJ disorders and premature wearing of tooth enamel. TekFit clear retainers, made from similar high-quality plastic, keep newly aligned teeth in place after removal of traditional braces or clear aligners.

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Dr. Manny Valerin believes your oral health is a valuable asset. His practice of general dentistry includes a wide range of services to keep your smile healthy, beautiful and intact. Learn more about how a TekFit custom mouthguard can help protect your mouth. Call (309) 693-2310 for a personal consultation.