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It’s time you discovered the different ways our dentist can help services

You know that every six months you’ll be coming in to see our Peoria, IL, dentist Dr. Manny Valerin for routine checkups; however, this isn’t the only time you should visit us. In fact, your regular dentist can do so much for you and your oral health (maybe even more than you realized). Here are just some of the ways our dentist can help you out:

TMJ Disorder Treatments

Do you suffer from jaw pain and stiffness, particularly when chewing, yawning or speaking? Do your jaws make a popping or clicking sound? Then you could be dealing with a common dysfunctional disorder known as a TMJ disorder, which affects how the jaw joints work. If you are dealing with achy, sore jaws we can help figure out the best way to manage your symptoms.

Gum Disease Therapy

Coming in every six months and maintaining good oral health are the two best things you can do to prevent gum disease. Of course, problems still arise and if you find yourself faced with bleeding, swollen gums then it’s time to see our Peoria, IL, general dentist for care right away. In the earliest stages, gum disease can be reversed; however, we also provide scaling and root planing as well as other therapeutic treatments to keep your gum disease under control and to prevent complications.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes you want to give your smile a little refresher. Maybe you want to whiten your smile or you want to cover that gap between your front teeth. If so, we can most certainly help you create your ideal smile through a comprehensive array of cosmetic dentistry services. From non-invasive and fast treatment options to full-on makeovers, we offer something to fit your needs.

Sedation Dentistry

Sometimes visiting the dentist sets your hair on edge. Perhaps you are so scared of the dentist that you haven’t been in a while. Of course, you know your smile needs proper professional care to maintain good oral health so if fear is the only thing standing in your way then it’s time to find out how our sedation dentistry options can help make your next visit relaxing and stress-free. Through oral or inhalation sedation we can put your fears at ease.

Valerin Dental Group in Peoria, IL, is here for you no matter whether you are just looking to cosmetically enhance your smile or you want to talk about calming your dental fears with sedation dentistry. We are here just for you!