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By Valerin Dental Group
March 08, 2017
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What your dentist in Peoria wants you to knowtooth extractions

If you have a painful tooth, it’s easy to wonder if it might need to be removed, a process called extraction. It is possible to save teeth even if you are in pain, either with a filling, a crown, a root canal or a combination of procedures.

In other cases, taking a tooth out is the best option for your smile. Dr. Manny Valerin at Valerin Dental Group in Peoria, IL, wants to share the facts about when and why you might need a tooth extracted.

You might need your tooth extracted if it is:

  • Continuously and severely painful
  • Still painful even after restorative treatments or a root canal
  • Unrestorable due to severe damage or extensive decay
  • Crowding other teeth and won’t be helped with orthodontic treatment

Sometimes you may need to have a tooth extracted because it has lost the bone support around it due to periodontal disease. Your tooth may be mobile, making it nonfunctional for chewing. Dr. Valerin may suggest removing the tooth to save the teeth around it from being damaged by periodontal disease bacteria.

You may also need teeth extracted if they are wisdom teeth, also known as third molars. Many people don’t have enough room for wisdom teeth, and the teeth can erupt out of position or sideways, causing pressure in your jaw. Wisdom teeth can also be embedded in your jaw and never erupt, occasionally causing a cyst that can damage bone. It’s often best to have wisdom teeth removed when you are between the ages of 18 and 25 before the roots have fully formed.

If you do need a tooth extracted, you should visit the best. Dr. Valerin offers a full range of procedures including sedation, to make sure your dental extraction appointment is easy, comfortable and quick. You won’t always feel pain when you need a tooth extraction. That’s why it’s so important to schedule regular dental visits at least yearly for an exam and x-rays. Take care of your smile by calling Dr. Manny Valerin at Valerin Dental Group in Peoria, IL. Call today!